A Few Extras to Sell Your House Faster

Today’s real estate market is a boon for buyers. That means that if you are on the selling end, you’ll need to make your property and your deal as attractive as possible. There are a few things you can offer a buyer that will make you a competitive seller.

One thing you can offer your buyers is a professionally conducted home inspection with a complete report made available to them. For practical purposes, you can have this done twice or have one done with a follow up inspection showing correction of problems has been done. The first inspection will also give you a better idea of things you should repair before selling the house.Try this site: Sell my house fast Cincinnati

A professional certified inspector can spot things that you may not realize are important. The inspector will be familiar with current building codes and changes to the requirements. When you have this done yourself, you’ll have plenty of time to make necessary repairs and adjustments before you even put the house on the market.

What if you don’t plan to make all the repairs before selling the property? You can address this along with the inspection report and all parties will know upfront what is and is not included in the sale. In states where a disclosure is the law, you will add your statement to the inspection report.

Another thing to offer your buyer is a service contact or warranty. Everyone loves a warranty. It elicits peace of mind. The contract will cover any mechanical repairs, electrical issues, plumbing, and included appliances for a specified amount of time. With this added security measure for the buyer, it could just give you the competitive edge over another seller.

The warranty is a good selling tool, much like auto dealers use warranties to boost their sales. Warranted homes tend to bring a better price for the sellers.

Buyers have two important things going for them today. First, there’s the fact that there are more homes than ever that are available for purchase. Second, people are watching their money and trying to get their best value for the dollar. Offering a warranty and a pre-inspection are two smart things you can do to help the buyer feel that they are getting a good deal. When you are willing to provide these assurances to the buyer, they will trust that they are making a good buy.

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