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The reason to hire an expert is so that you learn to do your exercises the right way. Self-taught athletes are accidents waiting to happen poor technique can result in multiple injuries. The experience you will acquire in just minutes of quality instruction will give you a lifetime of benefits. Our instructors are not just concerned about results; they care. Get fit quick schemes will create more problems than they solve. We take the time to show you the correct form and will make sure you are properly equipped to do the exercises the right way. We are extremely dedicated to all our clients and will pay close attention to your individual program so that you are using the correct weights or amount of resistance and know the exact number of reps required to obtain the desired results.

Women who come to us for help with postnatal fitness and body conditioning are looking to regain the physical attributes of their pre-baby form. Although some women may benefit from a fitness camp, most will get more lasting benefits from the private attention of a female personal trainer. We are sympathetic to your needs as a woman and a mother. Much of your physical and mental energy will be used up with the demands of a new baby and we will take that into consideration. In the first few months your body will need to be gently toned and energized. On the days when you don’t feel like working out, you can bring photos of your newborn to motivate you. Our postnatal programs focus on specific areas of need like your abdomen and lower body.Discover this info here: chrismasonperformance

Cardio workouts, in order to burn fat, you need to raise your heart rate for sustained periods of time. Only work your abs in the direction you wish them to go: If you do crunches by forcing your abs out, you effectively train those muscles to protrude. Instead, do exercises that focus on pulling your abs back toward your spine. Work in all three directions: do a variety of ab exercises that bend you forward, laterally and diagonally (twisting). Focus on posture: stand up straight and pull your abs in; bad posture can contribute heavily to a belly pooch.

Check your diet, if you are eating a lot of gas-producing foods or eating on the run (which causes most people to chew and swallow too quickly) some of the stomach bloat you notice may be the result of your body working to digest food or passing gas through the GI tract. You should also avoid high-fat foods at all costs. Lower your stress, studies have shown that the body, when under stress, stores more fat cells in the belly. Avoid activities – such as smoking and not getting enough sleep – that increase cortisol in the body. Work all your muscles: your body is like a machine in which all components work together to perform. You should never focus on strength-training only one muscle group. For example, well developed back muscles are essential to strong abdominal muscles.