Driveways Dublin- Marble Pavers

Travertine is a natural stone from the limestone family, which later on transforms into marble. It is made of calcium carbonate and is usually found in the form of deposits near warm or hot springs. It is also often called travertine marble. It is highly resistant to heat, scratching, staining and acidity and was frequently used in ancient times as a building material. It is most commonly used for counter tops and flooring, but may also be used in showers and tub surrounds as well as in exterior decor.

Unique characteristics of Marble Pavers

Marble Pavers have the capacity of withstanding extreme cold conditions as it is made from Natural Stone and also multiple freeze cycles. Marble pavers also have a higher degree of resilience and durability in extreme conditions than concrete, brick or other outdoor paving alternatives. Not only are they able to withstand extreme heat without any crack, their natural coolness provides a satisfying walking surface for bare feet. Moreover, marble pavers naturally repel mold and mildew, so you will never have to fuss with messy bleach solutions.

Benefits of Marble Pavers

The specialized benefits of Marble pavers are:

* Valuable – Marble Pavers add value to your house through their visual appeal and durability, making your house even more appealing.
* Durable – Marble Pavers are stronger than poured concrete or asphalt, with no surface cracking.
* Environmentally Friendly – Marble Paver is a 100% natural-earth product.
* Reusable – Marble Pavers can be laid, removed and replaced easily.

How to make your Driveway Pavers striking?

If you are interested in making your driveway pavers look extremely attractive, here are some of the tips:

* The border of Pavers Driveways can be single, double or even triple.
* Add a circle design within the pavers. Try to keep the circle size in scale with the driveway.
* Create an area that stands out near the front door if the driveway is a circular or courtyard design. This will make the area look like a courtyard, even if it is not and will emphasize its importance.
* Design the driveway with a paver apron, while the balance of the driveway is a more simple material such as asphalt or loose stone. This will mark the importance of the entry. It will also be elegant. In addition, it will keep the costs down.
* Edge the driveway with pavers, creating a border, while the rest of the drive is asphalt. You might also consider using Belgian block curbing either alone or with the driveway pavers.

Know about Marble Patio Pavers

Pavers refer to the building material that is used to construct patios and patio stands for outdoor living space. It is referred to as paver patios because paver are meant especially for constructing patios. The raw materials that are used for manufacturing paver products are mainly of three types: concrete, brick and stone pavers. They are available in different shapes, colors, sizes and patterns. The advantages of patio pavers for constructing entertainments decks and outdoors spaces are many:

* They are quite affordable.
* They are easily repairable.
* They are durable.
* They require low maintenance.
* The process of installation is easy.